Batter Up – Dreams fit for a Royal

The Dream Factory of Greater Kansas City is 
starting it’s twenty-fourth year as a partner 
with the Kansas City Royals baseball club.


Children who dream of attending a game get so much
more than that on their dream trip! They attend the
game, sit in the dugout, meet the players, watch
batting practice, play a little catch with the 
players, and are featured on the Crown Screen!

     KC booth

The Dream Child, and their family, from beginning 
to end are treated like Royalty.


The Royals players are outstanding with the 
children and many of them take a few minutes to 
talk to the child and get to know them.  There
have been many times when the player will go 
back into the clubhouse and return with a bat 
or baseball gloves for the child to keep as a 
souvenir.  The smiles on their faces are priceless. 
The players treat the children like Royalty.

     KC Royals pic


The 2015 World Series Champions are known for
“Taking the Crown” and they deserve it not just 
for their skill and perseverance on the field 
but for the way they treat their fans and how they
interact and embrace their community and making 
sure that dreams come true for all.  


In addition to the impact the Royals program has on 
the kids, families, volunteers, Royals players and 
staff it has been a priceless way to bring 
awareness to the Dream Factory.  

The Dream Factory of Kansas City, and The Dream 
Factory overall, is grateful to be a partner 
of such an outstanding organization and look 
forward to many more years of making our kids
part of the royalty in KC.

(Special Thanks to Myra from The KC Chapter for
the information and images! Great job Myra!)

Want to learn more about our partnership with The
Kansas City Royals? Keep an eye out for our 2015
Annual Report, available on our website soon!

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Getting Relief – One Splash at a Time

The Dream Factory, Inc. is a national, 
all-volunteer driven,organization dedicated 
to making the dreams of chronically and 
critically ill children come true.

Every child who receives a dream from our 
organization is brave, compassionate, and 
loving, but there are some stories that really 
make an impact on our volunteers and 
the community in which the dream is being granted.

Six-year-old Hudson from Dyersburg, TN,
where one of our chapters is located, brought 
together his community in an amazing way.


Hudson has a rare disease called B3GAT3,
actually he is the only person in the world 
who has been diagnosed with this specific 
disease, which affects his whole body, robbing
him of joint stability and muscle tone.

The only time he can be free from his wheelchair 
and back brace is when he is submerged in water 
and he dreamed of having his own swimming pool.

"Just knowing how much he loves to be in the pool, 
and the freedom it allows him when being restricted 
most of the day.When he's in the pool you can tell 
there's enjoyment," Scottie Hayes, Hudson’s Father, 

Hudson had no idea, but his dream was about to 
come true. The Dream Factory is comprised of 34 
chapters and the chapter located in Dyersburg 
tackled this challenge head-on. With the help of 
over 20 local companies who donated their time and 
products, Hudson came home from a trip to Six Flags 
St. Louis (which he thought was his dream being 
granted) to a brand new in-ground pool in his 


Over 100 family members, friends, and strangers 
waited to great him and celebrate this brave little 
boy’s dream coming true.

The community came together to make a difference, 
one that not only brought immense joy to a six 
year old, but that will also improve his life – 
having a pool allows Hudson the ability to walk on 
his own (he is only able to when completely 
submerged), and gives him the ability to work his 
body pain free.


(News Articles about Hudson’s Dream)

State Gazette

Want to help make a difference in the life of a 
child like Hudson?

There are three ways you can make a difference!
             Refer a Child

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The Dream Factory launched our very first National
donation campaign on May 1st - #Giveitup4dreams!


Join us and ‪#‎giveitup4dreams‬ to help grant the 
dreams of critically and chronically ill children! 

Accept the challenge, create your video, 
challenge your friends, and make a 
donation to make a difference in the life 
of a child!

These children give up things that we take for 
granted EVERY DAY.

   giveitup4dreams reminder1

Their childhood is overrun by pain, fear, doctors 
appointments, trips to the hospital, injections, 
medication, stress, and so much more.

The most influential people in life are usually the
ones who face the most challenges, like our Dream 
Kids! We are always so inspired and motivated by 
their positive attitudes and joy for life!

You can Make A Difference just by making a small

 Levels of giving

For more information visit our #giveitup4dreams 
website or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, 
and Twitter!

March Volunteer Spotlight

As you all know the Dream Factory is the largest
all-volunteer driven wish-granting organization
in the United States.

And we have AMAZING volunteers.


Yea.. You should be jealous!

We have been lax about highlighting our amazing
volunteers.. but that is going to change!

Each month we are going to highlight one of
our INCREDIBLE people. So look forward to a
story of inspiration and selflessness.

Our volunteer highlight for March...
             ~ Tara Schneider ~

Tara is the area coordinator for our Brooklyn
Chapter and she has done amazing things!

Since stepping into the role of area coordinator
two years ago, Tara has re-energized the Brooklyn
Chapter beyond anything it had ever been in the 

Every aspect of the Brooklyn Chapter has increased.

She has increased the number of dreams they grant,
increased fundraising events and profits, increased
community outreach, and increased overall awareness!

Can you say WOW!


She says, "I have a large vision and not much fear
when it comes to getting things up and running."

We can certainly see that! Tara has pushed The 
Dream Factory Brooklyn Chapter into the light - 
there is no stopping her now!

The organization has noticed all of Tara's hard 
work and she has earned the respect and admiration
of her fellow volunteers. This was shown as they 
elected her to the Executive Committee of the Dream 
Factory at the beginning of this year!


Tara, Thank You for bringing your love, passion,
and dedication to the Dream Factory. Your hard
work and determination do not go unnoticed and
are more than just appreciated!

"The Dream Factory cannot remain a secret in NYC
anymore" - Tara
More about Tara:
-She loves to swim, ski, be outside, travel, and 
go out to dinner

-She volunteers at St. Jude's Children's Hospital
as well

-She was born and raised in Brooklyn

-She graduated with her MBA in International 
Finance from Richmond College in London

-Her love, dedication, and selflessness gives us 


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Help Make A Child’s Dream Come True!

Love The Time You Spend (Volunteering)

Valentine's Day is right around the corner.


Like, literally staring us in the face. Reminding
those who have yet to plan something special,
that they are almost out of time and they better
hurry up - or be in trouble. Reminding those that
are single, that chocolate goes on sale the day
after (Yipee!). 

Valentine's Day is a reminder to show the people
we love that they are incredibly important to us.
To show them that they are beautiful, handsome,
caring, supportive, amazing people. Valentine's
Day is more than just flowers and chocolate. 
More than a fancy dinner or a night out on the town.

       holiblog man flowers

It is a day to say thank you. It is a day to remind
your Valentine how much they mean to you.

So we, at The National Headquarters of the 
Dream Factory, have only one question...

To ALL of our amazing volunteers...

Will you be our Valentine?


Yes we can just hear you now.. Wow that was really
corny? Are they serious? They can't be serious..

But we are!

The Dream Factory, Inc. is the largest volunteer-
driven children’s wish-granting organization in the 
United States. We proudly operate using a grass-
roots approach, with more than 30 chapters run 
by hundreds of EXTREMELY dedicated volunteers who 
have granted thousands of dreams since 1980.

These volunteers are the foundation of everything 
we stand for! They are the hope bringers and the 
smile makers. They are the most valuable asset that 
our organization has.

Granting a child’s dream provides them, and their 
families, with a little bit of happiness, hope, and 
relief from the daily stress they face. Dreams 
create memories that provide these children and 
their families with the fuel to fight through 
emotional and financial difficulties.

Without our volunteers, we wouldn't be granting 

So this Valentine's day don't just show your 
significant other how much you care about them.

Make a difference in the lives of people around you.

Become a Volunteer.

Ours are the greatest people we know.

Light a Candle, Grant a Dream!

There is something incredibly relaxing about lighting
a candle. 

Maybe its the way the scent fills the room slowly and
transports you somewhere else. Maybe its the flicker
of the flame as it burns.

No matter what your favorite part is, we can all 
agree that candle purchases are definitely worth it.

                  Woman smelling candle

Did you know that there are candles that not only
smell spectacular but also have a surprise in them!
Jewelry in Candles is a company that puts a surprise
piece of jewelry in each 100% soy candle that they
make! How cool is that!

JIC Reveal

They are also a company that loves to make a 
difference in their community! They have done this 
by partnering with, you guessed it, The Dream 
Factory!! How awesome is that!

They have created two Dream Factory candles, each 
with a surprise piece of jewelry inside and a one-of-
a-kind Dream Factory pin! The candles smell like 
Japanese Cherry Blossom and our brand new scent
Australian Bamboo!! - in other words, just amazing!



20% of all sales of these signature Dream Factory
candles come directly to The Dream Factory!

To date they have helped us raise over $15,000 to
grant dreams to critically and chronically ill 

         JIC count

We are incredibly thankful to be partnered with
such an amazing company!

Check out Jewelry in Candles and see what all the
fuss is about!


(Net)Working for Dreams

Here at the Dream Factory, we spend 90% of our time
working on granting dreams to critically and 
chronically ill children.

The other 10% of our time is used to build 

Spreading the mission and values of the Dream
Factory is incredibly important. Awareness brings 
referrals of children who need a dream granted. 
It brings volunteers, support, and could even lead
to the opening of a chapter in a new community, 
meaning more children can be helped.

Awareness leads to this:
And this:
              Louisville cruise family

And ALL of these:
        Giving Collage

On Thursday, January 28th, The Dream Factory will 
be attending a Network After Work event in Louisville 
to meet with local companies about the amazing 
opportunity and benefits that come with partnering 
with us.

Why are we writing a blog about this?

Because YOU could join us there.


Click here to join us on the 28th not only to 
support the Dream Factory, but to further your 
own connections!

We can't wait to see you there!

Wish Upon A Rock… To Grant A Dream!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

We are now on a downwards slope to the weekend! Yay!

This week has brought something new and exciting to 
The Dream Factory - We have partnered with an amazing 
company, Wish Upon A Rock!


Wish Upon a Rock is a company that strives to build 
a community of positive wishes that can be shared 
verbally and visually. They are a company with a 
passion to make a difference in the world, and they 
are starting by helping grant dreams to critically 
and chronically ill children!

These generous and kindhearted people are donating 
8-10% of total sales until the end of February to 
The Dream Factory!


I know, we are very excited too!

This company started a community of positive 
energy through one simple task - the art of 
stacking rocks. Their rock stacks are a symbol 
of people's hopes, dreams, and good wishes. With 
each adjustment to your rocks you are faced with 
a simple, slowed, moment of time to reflect on 
what is truly important to you. We encourage each 
and every one of you, yes YOU, to step out of 
your comfort zone and give it a try, you won't
be disappointed in the peacefulness of the moment.


So now you're thinking, "Well that is great, 
I can always use a few moments of peace, but what 
does that have to do with The Dream Factory?"


Wish Upon A Rock sells beautiful genuine stone 
bracelets. These bracelets provide you the 
opportunity to carry your hopes, inspirations, 
and dreams with you around your wrist (Don't worry 
guys they have bracelets for you too). Make a wish 
on the stones and always stay focused on what truly 
matters to you! Not only are these pieces beautiful,
they also hold true meaning.


Click the link above and start your journey to peace 
while helping grant dreams!

Not interested in purchasing one of these beautiful

That's OK! You can still make a difference!
       - Donate
       - Refer A Child
       - Volunteer