Getting Relief – One Splash at a Time

The Dream Factory, Inc. is a national, 
all-volunteer driven,organization dedicated 
to making the dreams of chronically and 
critically ill children come true.

Every child who receives a dream from our 
organization is brave, compassionate, and 
loving, but there are some stories that really 
make an impact on our volunteers and 
the community in which the dream is being granted.

Six-year-old Hudson from Dyersburg, TN,
where one of our chapters is located, brought 
together his community in an amazing way.


Hudson has a rare disease called B3GAT3,
actually he is the only person in the world 
who has been diagnosed with this specific 
disease, which affects his whole body, robbing
him of joint stability and muscle tone.

The only time he can be free from his wheelchair 
and back brace is when he is submerged in water 
and he dreamed of having his own swimming pool.

"Just knowing how much he loves to be in the pool, 
and the freedom it allows him when being restricted 
most of the day.When he's in the pool you can tell 
there's enjoyment," Scottie Hayes, Hudson’s Father, 

Hudson had no idea, but his dream was about to 
come true. The Dream Factory is comprised of 34 
chapters and the chapter located in Dyersburg 
tackled this challenge head-on. With the help of 
over 20 local companies who donated their time and 
products, Hudson came home from a trip to Six Flags 
St. Louis (which he thought was his dream being 
granted) to a brand new in-ground pool in his 


Over 100 family members, friends, and strangers 
waited to great him and celebrate this brave little 
boy’s dream coming true.

The community came together to make a difference, 
one that not only brought immense joy to a six 
year old, but that will also improve his life – 
having a pool allows Hudson the ability to walk on 
his own (he is only able to when completely 
submerged), and gives him the ability to work his 
body pain free.


(News Articles about Hudson’s Dream)

State Gazette

Want to help make a difference in the life of a 
child like Hudson?

There are three ways you can make a difference!
             Refer a Child

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to stay up to date about the latest events
and dreams!

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