March Volunteer Spotlight

As you all know the Dream Factory is the largest
all-volunteer driven wish-granting organization
in the United States.

And we have AMAZING volunteers.


Yea.. You should be jealous!

We have been lax about highlighting our amazing
volunteers.. but that is going to change!

Each month we are going to highlight one of
our INCREDIBLE people. So look forward to a
story of inspiration and selflessness.

Our volunteer highlight for March...
             ~ Tara Schneider ~

Tara is the area coordinator for our Brooklyn
Chapter and she has done amazing things!

Since stepping into the role of area coordinator
two years ago, Tara has re-energized the Brooklyn
Chapter beyond anything it had ever been in the 

Every aspect of the Brooklyn Chapter has increased.

She has increased the number of dreams they grant,
increased fundraising events and profits, increased
community outreach, and increased overall awareness!

Can you say WOW!


She says, "I have a large vision and not much fear
when it comes to getting things up and running."

We can certainly see that! Tara has pushed The 
Dream Factory Brooklyn Chapter into the light - 
there is no stopping her now!

The organization has noticed all of Tara's hard 
work and she has earned the respect and admiration
of her fellow volunteers. This was shown as they 
elected her to the Executive Committee of the Dream 
Factory at the beginning of this year!


Tara, Thank You for bringing your love, passion,
and dedication to the Dream Factory. Your hard
work and determination do not go unnoticed and
are more than just appreciated!

"The Dream Factory cannot remain a secret in NYC
anymore" - Tara
More about Tara:
-She loves to swim, ski, be outside, travel, and 
go out to dinner

-She volunteers at St. Jude's Children's Hospital
as well

-She was born and raised in Brooklyn

-She graduated with her MBA in International 
Finance from Richmond College in London

-Her love, dedication, and selflessness gives us 


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