Light a Candle, Grant a Dream!

There is something incredibly relaxing about lighting
a candle. 

Maybe its the way the scent fills the room slowly and
transports you somewhere else. Maybe its the flicker
of the flame as it burns.

No matter what your favorite part is, we can all 
agree that candle purchases are definitely worth it.

                  Woman smelling candle

Did you know that there are candles that not only
smell spectacular but also have a surprise in them!
Jewelry in Candles is a company that puts a surprise
piece of jewelry in each 100% soy candle that they
make! How cool is that!

JIC Reveal

They are also a company that loves to make a 
difference in their community! They have done this 
by partnering with, you guessed it, The Dream 
Factory!! How awesome is that!

They have created two Dream Factory candles, each 
with a surprise piece of jewelry inside and a one-of-
a-kind Dream Factory pin! The candles smell like 
Japanese Cherry Blossom and our brand new scent
Australian Bamboo!! - in other words, just amazing!



20% of all sales of these signature Dream Factory
candles come directly to The Dream Factory!

To date they have helped us raise over $15,000 to
grant dreams to critically and chronically ill 

         JIC count

We are incredibly thankful to be partnered with
such an amazing company!

Check out Jewelry in Candles and see what all the
fuss is about!


One thought on “Light a Candle, Grant a Dream!

  1. I am proud to sell the Dream Factory Candles and Tarts from Jewelry In Candles to help the dreams come true for children who suffer from critical or chronic illnesses. Make your next candle purchase mean something more important. Get all the details about the Dream Factory Candle and Tart at 20% of the proceeds go directly to the Dream Factory. Please help spread the word of this great opportunity.


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