Wish Upon A Rock… To Grant A Dream!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

We are now on a downwards slope to the weekend! Yay!

This week has brought something new and exciting to 
The Dream Factory - We have partnered with an amazing 
company, Wish Upon A Rock!


Wish Upon a Rock is a company that strives to build 
a community of positive wishes that can be shared 
verbally and visually. They are a company with a 
passion to make a difference in the world, and they 
are starting by helping grant dreams to critically 
and chronically ill children!

These generous and kindhearted people are donating 
8-10% of total sales until the end of February to 
The Dream Factory!


I know, we are very excited too!

This company started a community of positive 
energy through one simple task - the art of 
stacking rocks. Their rock stacks are a symbol 
of people's hopes, dreams, and good wishes. With 
each adjustment to your rocks you are faced with 
a simple, slowed, moment of time to reflect on 
what is truly important to you. We encourage each 
and every one of you, yes YOU, to step out of 
your comfort zone and give it a try, you won't
be disappointed in the peacefulness of the moment.


So now you're thinking, "Well that is great, 
I can always use a few moments of peace, but what 
does that have to do with The Dream Factory?"


Wish Upon A Rock sells beautiful genuine stone 
bracelets. These bracelets provide you the 
opportunity to carry your hopes, inspirations, 
and dreams with you around your wrist (Don't worry 
guys they have bracelets for you too). Make a wish 
on the stones and always stay focused on what truly 
matters to you! Not only are these pieces beautiful,
they also hold true meaning.


Click the link above and start your journey to peace 
while helping grant dreams!

Not interested in purchasing one of these beautiful

That's OK! You can still make a difference!
Visit www.dreamfactoryinc.org:
       - Donate
       - Refer A Child
       - Volunteer


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